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Susan's success story

by Guest Blogger


Why did you decide to join/start the Healthy Foundations program in April?

I have many reasons why I joined the Healthy Foundations program. I have always had arthritis in my knee. My orthopedic doctor suggested the Healthy Foundations program a couple years ago before it was meant for non-surgical patients. I recently went to my primary care doctor and I was on the highest dose of blood pressure medications and didn’t want to get in the dangerous zone. I also wanted my knees to last longer and the pain was getting so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night.

Can you tell me about your experience with Healthy Foundations program?

I loved the classes and learned something new every time – so much information. Matt Weston, PT was my physical therapist and I was in shock and awe at what I couldn’t do. Jordan Rayburn was my exercise specialist and is super patient and helped me gain strength and confidence every week. Sara Young, my dietitian nutritionist, taught me the best way to feed my body, set different goals each week. The program was a total lifestyle change for the whole family with clean eating. If any of the staff didn’t know something, I know they would refer to someone who does.

What are some things that you learned?

My plate, different seasonings and the benefits of each. When I didn’t exercise during vacation, I noticed it took so much longer to gain my strength back. I’m also more in tune with my body’s strength and weaknesses, and my confidence has grown. This is a sustainable lifestyle change, not a fad diet. At the beginning of the 16-week program, I didn’t even know what “organic” really meant, now I know the benefits of eating an organic, clean diet.

What progress have you made or what changes have you noticed?

I’m most proud that I have dropped one of my blood pressure medications! I have also noticed my balance has improved, my endurance has increased and my knees are not as achy. Susan has also made tremendous biometric results in the 16-week program:

  • Lost 20 pounds
  • Lost 6% body fat
  • Lost 16.5 inches in her body
  • Her chest strength has doubled (from 50 lbs to 107 lbs)
  • Her leg press strength has increased SIX-FOLD (from 40 lbs to 229 lbs)
  • Her back strength has increased from 1 lb. to 105 lbs.
  • She originally could not complete the VO2 max test and now her VO2 max is 20.6!

Is there any advice you would like to give to current or prospective members?

Just give it a try! Slow and steady is the best way to make a lifestyle change and this is the program to do it! I love that all the pieces are there

What keeps you motivated?

I want to be around longer for my kids and participate in activities with them. I love to travel and it’s a lot easier to get around when you’re healthier.

What is most memorable?

I loved it all! On assessment days, it was encouraging to see my progress.

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