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Who We Are

Our goal is to directly contribute to a reduction in the national burden of chronic disease, which now affects two in three Americans.


Our Story

Pinnacle was established on the primary values of excellent customer service, quality, holistic care, and fostering positive community relationships.

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Our Philosophy

What Makes Us Different?

We aim to support and promote healthy lifestyle changes through community partnerships and developing excellence in chronic care treatment and management.

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Staci Lyons, PT

Owner, Physical Therapist

Staci Lyons has been a physical therapist for 20 years and is the owner of Pinnacle Medical Wellness. What started as a single provider private practice physical therapy clinics has grown into a business specializing in private practice physical therapy management and lifestyle medicine consulting. She also serves as the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness Services for a local public hospital where her team successfully developed and launched a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Center on the hospital campus. This project has expanded to include three locations and specializes in the interdisciplinary management and prevention of chronic disease through lifestyle behavior modification. Staci is passionate about the role of the physical therapist in improving the overall health and quality of life of the patients we serve. During her career, Staci has had the opportunity to teach for a national seminar company on the holistic treatment of the foot and ankle complex and has been a presenter for several professional and community-based platforms on the impact of exercise and lifestyle modification on the prevention and progression of many of the most common diseases. She is also active in her professional affiliations including acting as a Key Legislative Contact for the Private Practice Section of the APTA and serving on the PPS Annual Conference Workgroup. Staci is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is planning to sit for her Lifestyle Medicine Board Certification later this year. Staci is a native Washingtonian and in her free time you will find her cheering on her two teenage daughters in various athletic events, spending as much time as possible with family and friends and traveling to anywhere that includes sun and water.

Joshua Lyons


Joshua Lyons graduated from Washington State University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in secondary education and later obtained a master's degree in teaching and learning from Lesley College of Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2000.

In 2004, Josh and his wife, Staci - a physical therapist, opened their first physical therapy clinic - Pinnacle Physical Therapy, in Maple Valley, Washington.

In 2009, Josh oversaw the company's three clinic transition to that of a "medical wellness" model, effectively combining physical therapy practice with the service lines of medical fitness, nutrition, and massage in an effort to more effectively treat a growing number of clients who were suffering the downstream effects of chronic disease.

Today, Josh is the CEO and managing director of what is now, Pinnacle Medical Wellness, an entity that maintains private clinics under the Pinnacle brand as well as management contracts with other privately held physical therapy organizations and two community hospitals.

Thomas Hammett, DPT

Director of Clinical Services

Thomas Hammett joined the Pinnacle team in 2017 because of the team-based and progressive practice model that was promoted within the clinics. His experience in working as a Physical Therapist in the current medical model while trying to provide preventive medical services was a key source of frustration in his own practice. Based on his own challenges of navigating medical billing, patient perceptions of healthcare, and the training and beliefs of medical professionals, Thomas has found a distinct set of opportunities to guide the medical profession to move into the preventive realm of care.
Thomas’ current work passion is working with clinical leaders and practitioners to improve medical practice and get the most out of the medical team. In order to move medicine towards a value-based model, medical professionals must make a commitment to change their practice. Thomas helps those professionals by laying out the roadmap for this change and guiding teams to create innovative solutions to the unique challenges they face. Thomas has worked with several multidisciplinary medical teams to guide practitioners down a journey of behavior change in practice.
As a professional, Thomas has served as the Director of Clinical Services for Pinnacle since March 2019. As the Director of Clinical Services, Thomas helps to manage the daily operations of Lifestyle Medicine clinics for multiple medical groups, and provides consulting and training for clinicians and leaders in adopting Lifestyle Medicine practice. Prior to working in this position, Thomas worked as an orthopedic & lifestyle medicine Physical Therapist at the Maple Valley location of Pinnacle Medical Wellness. He is a graduate of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Duke University’s School of Medicine. He has over 10 years of work experience in facilitating a wide variety of small and large professional groups around values-based behavior change and teamwork. Since receiving his DPT, Thomas has received an advanced certification as a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.
“We have a distinct duty to fulfill the call to action to change medicine. We have a population that is not well served by the medical model. We have highly trained medical professionals that burn out not due to the gravity of the challenge of their work, but due to a set of systemic issues that prevent good medical care and outcomes. The only way that we can change our situation is to stand up, visualize a better system together, and endeavor to make continuous improvement with our peers. This is an opportunity that I wake up every day hungry to pursue.”

Ashan Korala

Director of Wellness Operations

Ashan Korala is the Director of Wellness Operations at Pinnacle Medical Wellness. His passion for driving innovation in healthcare has allowed Pinnacle to grow using technology and team engagement. With both parents working in healthcare, Ashan was exposed to its opportunities at a young age. His professional career began in 2010 where he observed firsthand a broken system as he worked in Cardiac Rehabilitation. He witnessed how exercise and healthy behavior choices can save lives. Joining Pinnacle and the creation of the “wellness ecosystem” aligns Ashan’s passion and vision of the organization.
While he plays many roles within the company Ashan is a key resource in the areas of data & technology, migrating healthcare with wellness, and improving sales strategy. He represents the organization in public speaking events and leads the team in executing key variables of the Pinnacle Wellness Model.
Ashan is an Oregon State University graduate who currently resides in Renton, WA. Outside of work Ashan enjoys downtime with family and friends, basketball, and preparing exquisite meals.

Addy Batiquin

Operations Coordinator

Addy Batiquin is the Operations Coordinator for our Authorization and Admitting Registrar Teams at our Valley Lifestyle Medicine location in Renton.
Addy has several years of experience working in customer service, mainly in the healthcare field, where she found her passion for process improvement and creating memorable customer experiences. Addy aligned her passions with her personal experience with chronic illness and cultivated a desire to create positive pathways for others to achieve lifelong well-being. Addy believes that Lifestyle Medicine is an essential approach to living a healthful life, and every person is deserving of the opportunity to reach that.
Outside of work, Addy facilitates the Seattle Lupus Support Group through the Lupus Foundation of America, where she advocates for healthcare reform for those affected by auto-immune disease. She also enjoys traveling and eating her way through new cities, spending quality time with her family, and hosting afternoon tea!

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