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Our Philosophy

The United States is dealing with a chronic disease epidemic, and our medical system is not currently designed to reduce the burdens of chronic disease. Physical therapists, in collaboration with the Lifestyle Medicine care team, are positioned to be the direct access providers most adequately equipped to serve the patients that are actively dealing with chronic disease or are at risk for developing chronic disease.


Transforming medicine to end chronic disease.


Our goal is to directly contribute to a reduction in the national burden of chronic disease, which now affects two in three Americans. We know that a majority of chronic disease is preventable and even reversible with healthy lifestyle behaviors. We aim to support and promote healthy lifestyle changes by:

  • Providing empowering education programs and structured behavior change interventions to both patients and medical providers.
  • Utilizing resources that are realistic and sensible for patients and practitioners to adopt lifestyle change.
  • Encouraging medical professionals to work in a collaborative medical model that emphasizes lifestyle change as a basis for treating and preventing all medical conditions, specifically chronic disease.
  • Creating community partnerships that make change sustainable and widespread.
  • Developing excellence in chronic care treatment and management by utilizing the safest, least burdensome, and most evidence-based practices in chronic care medicine.


Pinnacle Physical Therapy was founded in 2004 by Staci and Joshua Lyons. Pinnacle was established on the primary values of excellent customer service, quality, holistic care, and fostering positive community relationships. As a young physical therapist, Staci recognized the importance of treating the whole patient, and soon began evolving her practice to support this belief. Pinnacle Physical Therapy added exercise, nutrition, and massage staff to support this mission, and soon changed its name to Pinnacle Medical Wellness.

Pinnacle was an early adopter of what is now recognized as Lifestyle Medicine, creating a model to utilize the physical therapist to help direct a plan of care based on exercise, nutrition, and other health lifestyle habits.

Pinnacle Wellness Group now serves as a management and consulting team for medical groups that share a vision of treating and preventing chronic disease through Lifestyle Medicine. Pinnacle has broadened its scope to work with community hospitals and outpatient groups, also collaborating with many medical subspecialties including bariatrics, endocrinology, cardiac rehab, primary care & family medicine, and more.

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