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Margie's success story

by Jessica Oliver


Why did you decide to go to Pinnacle?

I was concerned about my husband’s cardiac health, so I bought him a gym membership to Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Covington for Valentine’s Day. Then after my second knee surgery in 2013, I needed physical therapy. My daughter encouraged me to go to Pinnacle so my husband and I could be together.

Can you tell me about your experience?

I like the small family atmosphere at Pinnacle. I’m always well taken care of and they listen to me. When I had bone on bone pain, they encouraged me to move at my own pace and created a customized exercise program just for me. I still do my physical therapy exercises at home, now three years later.

What are some things that you learned?

I hate gym machines, as a former biology teacher, I like to be outside. The physical therapists and wellness coaches are passionate and pushed me gently and I learned to like going to the gym. I kept getting stronger. I was never really pain-free and my knee was always hurting. At some point in 2016, everything came together, my strength built up slowly and I was not in pain anymore.

What progress have you made or what changes have you noticed?

Once I retired in 2010, I slowly gained weight. When my blood pressure rose and my cholesterol levels were higher than normal I knew I had to do something. In February 2016, my husband signed me up for Weight Watchers as my Valentine’s Day gift. That helped me lose 25 pounds and helped take some more weight off my knees. I’ve been paying attention to nutrition and noticed how it affects my energy levels. Now consistently since last summer, I have more energy and I’m on the go all day long – I try to get 10,000 steps a day. I’m very grateful I have my mobility and noticed that I’m more stable and have the strength in my entire body so I don’t fall.

How has your experience been with our staff?

I still do my PT stretches and exercises almost every day. I would encourage people to listen to the experts to tell you what to do, they’re empowering us. The trainers would always give tips each time I would go to the gym and it’s all come together. They have encouraged me to drink more water and move more throughout the day. My age doesn’t determine my strength!

Is there any advice you would like to give to current or prospective members?

Having someone that is like-minded to encourage you and having a support system at home is key. Admitting that you need help is another first step. I got here because I wanted to be healthier, have more energy, move better. I’m not any better than anyone else, but when I see other people make unhealthy decisions, I want to encourage them but really, they need to make the decision for themselves.

What keeps you motivated?

The Lifestyle 365 program keeps me from going backward – I get reminders for my (monthly) assessments. As a high school biology teacher, I wanted my students to succeed so I had to find something they were passionate about (meaningful and not superficial) and not nag. I use that same method for myself, find what I’m passionate about. I wanted to be active with my grandkids and participate in something bigger than myself.

What is most memorable?

The key thing about Pinnacle Medical Wellness, compared to other gyms, I don’t feel anonymous. The staff are compassionate and help one another, I have developed relationships with the staff and feeling authentically cared about.



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