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Lights! Camera! Action Plan?

by Ken Williams, PTA

Ever find that you have a "to do list" a mile long, but no time to get to any of it? Or, you manage to get some of it finished, but even more things have been added to it? Sometimes our to do lists seem so big that they are simply overwhelming, so we choose to avoid them completely.
In Physical Therapy, we when we recommend or prescribe an exercise our patients often see this as one more task added to their already packed to do list, so the exercises don’t get done. This can become a barrier and limit the effectiveness of the treatment plan. We appreciate that there is a lot that needs to get done every day and performing exercises that are not a regular part of your routine or taking the time go for a 30 minute or even a 10-15 minute walk can seem like a lot to ask.
The exercises that your therapist prescribes to you to do on your own time between visits are crucial in getting you back to feeling better, so for those who have difficulty putting new activities into their busy schedule, here is a tool that might help called an "Action Plan." If you haven’t been doing your home exercise program or are someone who needs to find the time to make exercise more of a priority in order to reach their weight loss goal, this tool can help you get things rolling.

An Action Plan is a self-promise or contract that helps you prioritize what you need to do, when you can do it, and the amount of time you'll need to complete the task. The reason that an Action Plan is effective is that it is determined by you, takes into consideration your own busy schedule, physical capabilities and realistic expectations. So, if you find yourself a little overwhelmed or are having trouble prioritizing your prescribed exercise program, the Action Plan will help you make specific step by step goals to achieve success. Get started today and remember, there is nothing wrong with taking small steps forward - the key is to move forward!

Action Plan

Example: This week I will [what] walk [how much] around the block [when] after lunch [how many times] three days this week.

This week I will:
[what] ___________________________________________________________________________

[how much]_____________________________________________________________________


[how many times] _______________________________________________________________


How confident are you to execute this plan? ________
(0=not at all confident; 10= totally confident)
If your confidence rating is below 7 have you over estimated your ability to complete this task? What are some ways to change the plan that will increase your confidence? Be sure to share your plan with those in your support circle, so that they can cheer you on and help you stay on task. It is important that you make a plan YOU feel you will actually do and feel good about doing.

If your confidence is above 7, good job in identifying a plan you feel confident in doing!

Identify potential obstacles that might stop you from completing this goal. Examples might be rainy weather, being too tired, or not having the space, etc:



Think of Potential solutions that will help you overcome the obstacles identified above. Examples may be finding a place inside like a mall, doing activities with a friend, or getting a small yoga mat:



DAY COMPLETED COMMENTS                                                                                                

Leave a comment below if you would like us to send you the Action Plan in a printable format!

Thank you to "Back in Action: Stepped Care Program" for this reference.


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