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Kris' Healthy Foundations story

by Guest Blogger

kris-photo.jpgKris went through the Healthy Foundations program and has made great progress. We congratulate Kris on her success and are excited to be with her on her health and wellness journey. There are three series starting in February - contact us today to learn how to get started.

Why did you decide to join the Healthy Foundations program?

I decided to join the Healthy Foundation Program on the suggestion of my doctor. I heard the program was being opened to clients at risk for other health complications such as obesity and diabetes prevention, besides the preparation for hip/knee/joint replacement, that is was originally designed for.  My doctor said anyone could benefit from the classes, fitness regimen and support.

What are some healthy tips that you learned?

I learned about eating healthier and making better food choices. I developed a better understanding of the statement “you are what you eat”. I learned a lot about the negatives of preservatives and all of the additives that are added to all types of foods. It was very eye opening to learn to read food labels.

Can you tell us about your experience?

I enjoyed meeting the other people and hearing and learning from their stories and experiences. I enjoyed meeting the health professionals and hearing how passionate & knowledgeable they are about their work and that they want everyone to be healthier & happier with themselves. I learned that I enjoyed being more active. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging and I never felt embarrassed or out of place. They made it a comfortable safe learning experience in both the coaching aspect as well as the experience at the exercise facility.

Do you have a favorite/fond memory from the program?

One of the biggest surprises to me was that I like to work out. I actually looked forward to the next work-out session and was excited to try and add more activity to the work outs. The staff made it a comfortable place to try new equipment.


Is there any advice you would like to give to current or prospective members?

I highly recommend the program to people wanting to make a change to their lifestyles, but don’t know where to start. It’s a safe, comfortable environment to learn to eat healthier and become more active in a controlled program. It works great for those people who want to get in better shape prior to a joint replacement surgery.

What helped keep you motivated?  If times got tough, what helped you keep working hard?

The 16-week program went very fast. Between the weekly meetings, the multiple weekly work-out sessions and the bi-meetings with the physical therapist and the life coach, there wasn’t too much time to lose the motivation. If I did hit an obstacle or had a concern, it seemed like it was time for another meeting or one-on-one session with the life coach and it gave me the boost I needed to have another good week. It really helped keep the motivation going.  

world-health-day-background_gyd_lcp_.pngNext series starts soon - sign up today!

February 28 – 6:30pm (Tuesday)

March 22 – 6:30pm (Wednesday)

May 8 - 6:30pm (Monday

May 17 - 5pm  (Wednesday)

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