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How PT & Massage worked together for me!

by Guest Blogger

Sue came to Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Maple Valley with shoulder, neck, back and hand pain and saw Boyd Kinney, LMP, for massage therapy. After two massage therapy sessions, Boyd noticed her hip was stiff as well and recommended physical therapy to increase functional strength and endurance and to improve dynamic function.

Massage Therapy


“My quality of life started to improve the day I walked into Pinnacle. Thank you for taking the time to hear my concerns and apply your expertise to peel back the layers of 'dysfunction' I have created in my body over these many years.  Caring about your patients' well-being can help prevent what could become a more serious long-term deficit in daily life. I appreciate the opportunity to have you, (Boyd) as my Massage Therapist, and to work with you as we restore function and reduce pain. 

And thank you for referring me to Kyle Heise, DPT, CSCS for Physical Therapy.  Collaboration between disciplines addresses each individual as a whole-person, allowing treatments to complement each other. And there are no short cuts or substitutions in the quality of care I receive at Pinnacle.”

Physical Therapy


“For the first night in a long time, I could sleep without being awakened by the severe numbness and tingling in my thumb and wake up in the morning with decreased neck and back pain. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns, AND taking action to help me improve a life altering condition. I am grateful to have your expertise on my team. With your knowledge, caring attitude, effective exercise program, (and a little KT tape), we have already achieved some beneficial results. I appreciate the opportunity to have you, (Kyle) as my Physical Therapist, and to work with you as we restore function, reduce pain, and put me back together, piece by piece. 

I continue to experience improvement in my physical well-being, have decreased pain and carry a much more positive outlook. I am happy I found Pinnacle. Thank you for working together; my life is truly getting better because of it.”

Sue B.
Maple Valley, WA 


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