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Eating Mindfully Around the Holidays

by Erin Pflueger

Eating Mindfully Around the Holidays

How often are we really truly present during meals and snack times? We often eat food while watching TV, riding in the car, talking on the phone, reading a book, or socializing at a party. During these times it is very hard to know how much we have eaten and to pay attention to how full we are. This becomes even more common during the holidays. Work environments and homes become flooded with delicious homemade holiday treats and snacks. Before you know it, in one day you’ve reached your quota for sugar for the entire week! Not to mention the large feasts with family and friends where we consume enough calories in one meal for the entire day! What’s the answer? Mindful eating! Refer to the graphic on the right and hunger scale below to assist in mindfulness during meals and snacks. Try to listen to your body and never go below a 2 or 3 and never above a 7 or 8. A little awareness can go a really long way!

Erin Pflueger MS, RD, CD
Registered Dietitian

Hunger Scale image retrieved from the following website: