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Dave's wellness story

by Jessica Oliver

Dave originally came to Pinnacle Medical Wellness after injuries from a fall from a roof three years ago. When he saw Adam, our hand/occupational therapist it took him 6-8 months to recover from the surgery and injuries. He attributes the lengthy recovery time to not being in good health. Dave sees his physician every year for his annual exam and he was not happy with the results after his injury.


Good cholesterol: 30 mg
Blood pressure: 130/80
Weight: 208 lbs.
Glucose: 114 mg/dL

He began to use the gym at Pinnacle when he was in therapy for his wrist and shoulder (one of the benefits at Pinnacle). “After therapy I still had a long road to go.” So Dave joined the fitness center at Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Covington with our Pinnacle Club Membership to continue his wellness journey. Dave likes the atmosphere of the fitness center where everyone treats you like family and it’s not competitive. “Everyone checks in on you and even gave variations of exercises to try to see better results. The real turning point for me was when the staff encouraged me to work harder. That’s when I started coming in consistently three days a week and now am working up a sweat every time.”


Good cholesterol: 50 mg
Blood pressure: 113/60
Resting heart rate: 60-65 bpm
Weight: 178 lbs. (lost 30 pounds)
Glucose: 80 mg/dL
No longer take statins (cholesterol lowering medications)

Dave is one of Pinnacle’s greatest ambassadors and has encouraged three coworkers to join the Pinnacle gym. Now they work out together after work. Dave explains what keeps him motivated after three years of working out at Pinnacle: “I want to be proactive and live a longer life. Staying active and working out is a great stress reliever for me after a long day at work. Another great benefit of working out on a regular basis: I hardly ever get sick; the worst cold I’ve had in three years was a nasal drip.” 

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