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Shawna earned her $149 check!

by Jordan Rayburn


Congratulations to Shawna R. for achieving 15 workouts in 28 days with our We'll Pay You to Workout Special. She earned her $149 check with our Lifestyle 365 fitness membership! Anyone who signs up through June 30 is eligible to receive $149 when they complete 15 workouts in 45 days. Shawna did it in only 28 days at our Maple Valley gym! 


Some encouraging words from Shawna: 

Q: What made you start your wellness journey?

A: Living a healthier lifestyle and being a role model to my son

Q: How is your experience so far with the Lifestyle 365 program?

A: My experience has been amazing!

Q: What progress have you made or what changes have you noticed?

A: My clothes are fitting looser, I have more energy and have less pain!

Q: What is your motivation?

A: Being the best version of me!

Q: How has your experience been with our staff?

A: The staff is great! Jordan (wellness coach) is a great teacher.

Q: What is most memorable?

A: The overall atmosphere and feeling comfortable for the first time at a gym.



Contact us today to sign up for a membership or stop by any of our fitness centers for a tour!

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