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Patient Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care and treatment you gave me during my therapy sessions. The stretching maneuvers were very helpful to my physical well-being, my pains are now gone."

- Jim W. Enumclaw, WA

"I came to Pinnacle limping and weak after a broken foot. Kalen, Jenny and Will have helped me so much. I am now able to walk smoothly and with confidence. Their skill and expertise made a huge difference in my healing."

- Joy T. Ravensdale, WA

"I have been coming here since January 2017 after knee replacement surgery. The PT department is wonderful. I highly recommend this facility. The fitness center is more than helpful. I will miss this place."

- Julie M. Maple Valley, WA

christinajacksonhf.jpg"I call them my own personal cheer leading squad! They’re all great at educating in their specialties (fitness, physical therapy, and nutrition). They always went over my goals and revised them. Communication between each provider was great! Scott will tailor your workout!"

Results in 16 weeks with Healthy Foundations: lost 25 pounds, decreased body fat by 3.3%, lost 25 inches, gained 140 pounds of muscle strength and lowered her blood pressure! Read Christina's complete story.

- Christina Jackson Auburn, WA

"I've completed my physical therapy at Pinnacle. From the first visit, the exercises, massage, and stretching have constantly improved my issue. Jared, the therapist was spot on, as to what changes I needed to make and exercises to follow. If the need ever arises again, I'd select the same therapist and place."

- Donna B. Enumclaw, WA

"Caleb is an exceptional therapist and has taught me as well as helped me improve my function. I recommend him and Pinnacle in Covington for any patients in the Kent East Hill or Covington area."

- Lana L. Kent, WA

"Thank you for all your help with the Lifestyle 365 program, since I've joined you (Jessica Clickner) are by far the best coach and I really appreciate you."

- Rosie Ramirez Enumclaw, WA


"My hips were hurting me when I took a trip to the zoo, so I did something about it. I joined the Lifestyle 365 program after seeing my daughter have success with the Healthy Foundations program. From day one, they greeted me by name. It's not just a gym where you are on your own. Pinnacle works as a team and communicates with each other to create a plan made for me. Every month you check-in and get measured. If you want to be healthier, this is the program for you!"

Results in 16 weeks with Lifestyle 365: lost 25 pounds, decreased body fat by 3.5%, lost 16.75 inches, gained 88 pounds of muscle strength and lowered her blood pressure! Read LeeAnna's complete story.

- LeeAnna Jackson Auburn, WA

"My lab results from my annual physical told me what I did not want to read. I was overweight, elevated blood pressure, pre-diabetic, frankly going the wrong direction. I needed to make some changes if I wanted to be around to see our grandkids grow up and get married. My experience with the Lifestyle 365 program in one word, "shocking!" After being on my prescribed exercise program for one year, my blood pressure is lower, no negative results from my latest physical, drop in weight and waist, and my endurance has improved to near what was experienced in my 30’s. I'm motivated to continue on the journey with a curiosity of continued achievements and see how far I can go. The Pinnacle staff has been very supportive and excellent at seeing physical potential in me that I could never see."

- Doug Ellis Covington, WA

margie_square.jpg"I hate gym machines, as a former biology teacher, I like to be outside. The physical therapists and wellness coaches are passionate and pushed me gently and I learned to like going to the gym. I kept getting stronger. I was never really pain-free and my knee was always hurting. At some point in 2016, everything came together, my strength built up slowly and I was not in pain anymore. The key thing about Pinnacle Medical Wellness, compared to other gyms, I don’t feel anonymous. The staff are compassionate and help one another, I have developed relationships with the staff and feeling authentically cared about."

Results from physical therapy and Lifestyle 365: lost 23 pounds, decreased body fat by 5.3%, lost 7 inches in the waist, and her total cholesterol dropped from 218 to 176 mg/dL. Read Margie's complete story.

- Margie Battisti Covington, WA

I had a great experience! The Enumclaw location is a very professional facility and would highly recommend the staff to anyone!

- Barb G. Enumclaw, WA

peggyparkerbeforeafter.png“I like so many others have struggled with my weight and always looked for a solution.  I have tried the usual routes in the past and have been successful taking weight off only to have it return.  Being a person that is a believer in finding balance in your life I was drawn to the Healthy Foundations program for the simple reason of balance.  Yes this program can be intimidating and yes it is a huge commitment of time but I'm here to tell you this program even though it's not a weight loss program in the traditional approach it will be a side benefit. When you put your health first above anything else going on in your life it's amazing how successful you can be.  Even though the Healthy Foundations program has ended for me I'm in control of my health and on the right path to continue with a healthy diet and exercise regime on my own. I can't give this program enough praise.”

Read full story here.

- Peggy Parker Kent, WA

"I originally came to Pinnacle Medical Wellness after injuries from a fall three years ago. When I saw Adam, the hand/occupational therapist it took me 6-8 months to recover from the surgery and injuries. I began to use the gym at Pinnacle when I was in therapy for my wrist and shoulder. After therapy I still had a long road to go. So I joined the fitness center in Covington with the Pinnacle Club Membership to continue my journey. Everyone checks in on you and even gave variations of exercises to try to see better results. The real turning point for me was when the staff encouraged me to work harder. That’s when I started coming in consistently three days a week and now am working up a sweat every time. I want to be proactive and live a longer life. Staying active and working out is a great stress reliever for me after a long day at work. Another great benefit of working out on a regular basis: I hardly ever get sick; the worst cold I’ve had in three years was a nasal drip."

Read his full story here.

- Dave


“I decided I needed to truly change my life. I wasn't working out and going out to eat....a lot! When I went to my doctor she told me that I am diabetic, have high blood pressure and I have hypothyroidism. I was put on a lot of medication. And she said if I don't do something now I will have a short life. So I asked her about Pinnacle, and she said that I should go check it out. Being close to home I thought it was very convenient. I wasn't so sure if I could do this at first because I'm great at committing to something in the beginning but I tend to make excuses not to go after a couple of months. I had an appointment with Jordan (wellness coach) and felt very comfortable with him. My motivation at first was because I had someone watching me....or so I thought. Now my motivation is finding out the results of my hard work every other week (Lifestyle 365 fitness membership). I have continuously lost weight and inches over the past 3 months. It really helps when you have a wellness coach planning your workouts and you don't have to figure out what to do next. Also seeing Sara, the nutritionist helped so much! My most memorable moment was after 2 months of working out I was told by my doctor that I didn't have to take two of my diabetic medicines! I absolutely love the changes I have experienced being at Pinnacle! I definitely wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.”

Biometric results (11/5/15 - 3/7/16, 18 weeks):

  • Lost 13 pounds
  • BMI dropped by 2.2 points
  • Body Fat Percentage dropped by 4.1%
  • Resting HR dropped by 21bpm
  • Average blood pressure of 117/77, Blood pressure decreased from 131/86 to 99/72
  • Glucose dropped by 111 mg/dl (from 229 to 118) and off two diabetic medications

- Hallie Wiswell Kent, WA


"I was in a lot of pain and didn’t know what to do. I was going to another physical therapy clinic and they didn’t even think my rotator cuff was a problem even after months of treatment. I ended up having rotator cuff surgery with Dr. David Bishop. I was in a lot of pain after surgery but I was really impressed with the attention Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Enumclaw gave me. They spent time to get it right. I saw Jerry and Jared and both were excellent and very nice people. It’s very nice to know that people care and don’t treat you like a number. I’m doing much better now and only have slight pain from exercising. I’m now a Lifestyle 365 fitness member and exercising 2-3 days per week. Now I can do more weight-bearing exercises to prevent osteoporosis. I want to stay active and if you don’t fix what’s wrong, you are just gonna age. I’m so glad I’m back to being active again! Pinnacle is the best and I will recommend them to any of my family and friends!"

- Debbi Avery Greenwater, WA

"My experience at Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Maple Valley was nothing short of FANTASTIC. Our orthopedic specialist referred me to Pinnacle for physical therapy following the removal of my cast for a broken lower leg and ankle. From the initial consult with Staci Lyons, PT to my final visit, I spent almost 5 months interacting with the entire Pinnacle Team and I could not have received a higher level of coordinated care. Staci was in lockstep with the specialists (Valley Orthopedics – now Proliance Surgeons) the entire way and built a plan specifically designed for my full rehabilitation and a return to the high level of activity I was accustomed to prior to the accident. Staci and her entire group of Physical Therapists, Assistants and Exercise Specialists truly cared about me as a person and my progress during rehabilitation as well as making me feel confident as I pushed to rebuild balance and strength. I never once questioned the rehab plan or the direction I was being provided on how to effectively get my leg and overall fitness back into shape. Each of the staff members I engaged with multiple times each week were professional, caring and made my recovery fun. The entire team, from reception to treatment, at Pinnacle was approachable and took the time to make sure that my experience each visit was FIRST CLASS. It was a long road to recovery due to the nature of the injury, but I made it back to 100% solely because of the fine professionals at Pinnacle. If you’re searching for a physical therapist because of an injury, or an exercise specialist to get back into shape, or a registered dietitian to get your diet back on track, or a licensed massage therapist to relax a little then I highly recommend you check out Pinnacle Medical Wellness in Maple Valley."

- Dustin DeVries


Click here to watch Crystal Shield's amazing success story. 

- Crystal Shields

"It is said that what we do when we are young will come back to hurt us when we get older. I found this to be true! I played hard, competitive swimming, football, racing cars, etc. Over the years, I've had numerous surgeries to correct injuries from years past. The last round of surgeries were to correct nerve damage to my neck and both arm's. We started with my right arm and hand with carpal tunnel and nerve decompression surgeries at the same time. My surgeon recommended physical therapy after surgery for my hand, elbow and neck. I had had physical therapy in the past and didn't see any benefit, however I gave Pinnacle Physical Therapy a try. I'm very pleased to say my hand and elbow healed fast, however, I still had numbness and pain from my neck.

It was determined that I had to have my neck fused at C4 through C7 and to continue therapy to elevate pain prior to the surgery. For a couple months prior to neck surgery Pinnacle Physical Therapy prepared my neck, shoulder and back for surgery, stretching the connecting tissues. I had been told by my surgeon and his staff that after surgery I would have extreme pain caused from stretching the neck vertebrate's to place cadaver bone and a metal plate and 8 screws to complete the fusion. Well, the day after surgery I felt wonderful, very little discomfort and after 3 days no longer needed pain medication! My surgeon and I agree the reason I didn't experience the normal weeks of discomfort is that Dr. Anne Kertson and staff at Pinnacle had done a great job preparing me for surgery.

In summery, I ended up having the left carpel tunnel and elbow surgeries and after over a year working with Pinnacle Physical Therapy I have made a complete recovery and even though I'm in my late 50's, I feel great. It's now time to leave the therapy side of Pinnacle and have been working out in their gym facilities. The workout equipment is state of the art and even computer aided. They have trainers on staff full time at no additional charge and therapist are there to answer all your questions. Now, to aid your recovery or to feel absolutely wonderful visit Connie or Victoria for the best massage therapy possible. Pinnacle Medical Wellness is a full service facility catering to all aspects of your well being, and I highly recommend them. I am playing hard again, I'll pay later!"

- J.R. Prehm

kris-photo_square.jpg"I decided to join the Healthy Foundation Program on the suggestion of my doctor. I learned about eating healthier and making better food choices. I developed a better understanding of the statement “you are what you eat”. I learned a lot about the negatives of preservatives and all of the additives that are added to all types of foods. It was very eye opening to learn to read food labels. One of the biggest surprises to me was that I like to work out. I actually looked forward to the next workout session and was excited to try and add more activity to the workouts. The staff made it a comfortable place to try new equipment. I highly recommend the program to people wanting to make a change to their lifestyles, but don’t know where to start. It’s a safe comfortable environment to learn to eat healthier and become more active in a controlled program."

Read Kris' complete story.

- Kris Nielsen Renton, WA

"Knowledgeable...Friendly...Supportive. The Pinnacle staff is all of this and more. I've been going to Pinnacle for the past couple of years. Initially for pain from an auto accident and most recently for side effects of surgery and radiation for breast cancer. My therapist put together a plan that was thorough, but easy to follow. The massage therapy has been soothing and a great stress reliever. My doctors have been amazed at the progress I've made."

- L. Olson

"As a former Marine and a small business owner I am not a stranger to hard work and the effort necessary to keep customers satisfied. I expect a lot from those I do business with, therefore I am not easily impressed. After completing the prescribed course of physical therapy for my recent knee replacement I felt compelled to express what an exceptional experience Pinnacle provided me.

When I first stepped through the door I felt a liveliness that created a positive healing environment. It was clear that everyone enjoyed being there, from the staff to the patients. While most physical therapy clinics are as well maintained and nicely equipped as yours, they don't project the same upbeat atmosphere that is so helpful in moving forward with difficult tasks.

The research by your team into the nature of my injury and the extent of the surgery helped to prepare an individual path for recovery. Anyone can hand out a list of exercises and say "do these." You and your staff took the time to notice those small details that require more attention. Throughout the process those details were continually reviewed and the treatment adjusted, leading to a recovery that exceeded my expectations.

All of the staff took the time to get to know me as a person not just another patient. I feel that I have a new group of friends. It was a rare pleasure to have done business with Pinnacle, and made me want to let others know what remarkable work you do."

- M. Buban

"Hi Staci,

I just wanted to thank you and Dulcey for giving me mobility in my lower back. I feel like I am a new woman! When I came to you my lack of mobility is something I had learned to live with, not even knowing there was anything different because I had lived with it for so many years that way. I now walk around in this world thinking “this is what everyone else feels like”. My kids always laughed at me because when we danced I could not move my hips, now I can!

Back health is so important to one’s quality of life. I also appreciate the whole person approach that you take to each client. I felt helped in many way’s other than my back. I looked forward to every time I got to come in and see Dulcey who by the way has magic hands and a wonderful spirit about her!

Physical therapy has been nothing but a positive experience for me :)

Thanks again!"

- Bonnie Bobgan Maple Valley, WA

It is important to know that physical therapy can be provided only by qualified physical therapists or by physical therapist assistants working under the supervision of a physical therapist.

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