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Preventing Injuries in Athletes

Athletic Foundations Program

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a nationally recognized system of functional movement patterns that apply to almost every sporting activity. Pinnacle Medical Wellness has teamed up with the Mt. Rainier Futbol Club to provide FMS and personalized corrective exercises to some of their young soccer players.

The FMS test is not a definitive test for eminent injury, more of a screen to identify athletes that are not functioning optimally and could benefit from correction and education to proper movement patterns. This program includes 25-minute on-field training sessions two times per week for six weeks composed of dynamic stretching, coordinated movement patterns, and strength and agility training. By assessing these athletes early on in their career, we can start to steer young athletes with significant biomechanical issues into the proper corrective exercises to help them move more naturally.

The FMS is combined with the PEP (Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance) program developed by Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation that has been shown through extensive research to reduce non-contact injuries in young athletes by as much as 80%.

Our goal is to capture the players that are at increased risk of injury while playing sport and to correct faulty movement patterns to improve performance and prevent injury. This program is appropriate for all young athletes involved in team sports. Call Matt Weston, MSPT, at 425-433-0123, option 2 for more information about the Athletic Foundations Program.

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