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How this mother & daughter lost 50 pounds together

by Jessica Oliver


LeeAnna and Christina Jackson will be celebrating Mother’s Day a lot differently this year than in year’s past. They have both changed their lives to a healthier version by incorporating prescribed exercise and whole foods with meal planning.

First (healthy) steps

Christina, the daughter started her healthy journey with our Healthy Foundations program in November 2016 after her aches and pains would not go away, she had hypothyroidism, she wasn’t sleeping well and she wanted to get off her blood pressure medication. “On the first day, I was nervous and had many preconceived notions. I thought the instructors were going to tell me, ‘you can’t eat this or do this’. Instead, the first-week session was very welcoming and they eased into the information. I was expecting it to be very intimidating but it wasn’t – we made goals.”

BEFORE: Christina and LeeAnna in November 2016

Christina began bringing home new ideas, new recipes to try and talking about her experience at the gym. At the end of December, LeeAnna, Christina’s mom started attending the Healthy Foundations classes with her. “It put everything into perspective! We were able to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle together.” At the end of December 2016, LeeAnna joined the 24/7 fitness center with the Lifestyle 365 program after her hips were hurting from a trip to the zoo with her preschool class.

Learning to love vegetables and cardio

When Christina first started the Healthy Foundations program she would never eat vegetables – now she likes to eat salads, rice cauliflower, root vegetable chips, and spinach chips. LeeAnna is weaning herself off diet soda with the help of Pinnacle’s staff. Now they have both joined the Lifestyle 365 program to continue their success after the 16-week Healthy Foundations program. With weekly check-ins and monthly reassessments, this mother/daughter duo has accomplished tremendous results. Together they have lost 50 pounds, 6.8% body fat, 42 inches, lowered their blood pressure, improved their oxygen saturation, and gained 227.64 pounds of strength!

NOTE: Christina has lost an additional 3 pounds, 3 inches and 0.6% body fat from 3/7/17 to 4/4/17 with the Lifestyle 365 program.

LeeAnna Jackson
Lifestyle 365
First Visit Week 16 Total Results
Date 12/26/16 5/3/17
Weight (lbs.) 222.2 197.4 25 lbs.
Body Mass Index (BMI) 39.9 35.5 4.4
Body Fat % 49.5 46 3.5%
Resting Heart Rate 71 71 same
Blood Pressure 118/68 108/60 lower
Waist Circumference 45.5 42.25 3.25 inches
Hip Circumference 53 51 2 inches
Abdominal Circumference 47.5 43.75 3.75 inches
Chest Circumference 49 45.5 3.5 inches
Mid-thigh  28 27.5 0.5 inch
Calf Circumference 16.5 15.5 1 inch
Bicep Circumference 15.5 12.75 2.75 inches
Max Chest Press (lbs.) 54.01 66.68 12.67 lbs.
Max Leg Press (lbs.) 133.37 186.72 53.35 lbs.
Max Rox (lbs.) 78.76 100.03 21.27 lbs.
VO2 max  31.9 27.1 4.8 ml/kg/min

Christina Jackson
Healthy Foundations
First Visit Week 16 Total Results
Date 11/10/16 3/7/17
Weight (lbs.) 245.2 220.8 25 lbs.
Body Mass Index (BMI) 43.4 39.1 4.3
Body Fat % 44.3 41.0 3.3%
Resting Heart Rate 70 71
Blood Pressure 128/78 114/76 lower
Waist Circumference 43.5 40 3.5 inches
Hip Circumference 56 49.75 6.25 inches
Abdominal Circumference 51 43.5 7.5 inches
Chest Circumference 49 44.75 4.25 inches
Mid-thigh  30.5 28.5 2 inches
Calf Circumference 17.5 16.75 0.75 inch
Bicep Circumference 15.25 14.5 0.75 inch
Max Chest Press (lbs.) 73.35 106.7 33.35 lbs.
Max Leg Press (lbs.) 240.06 320.09 80 lbs.
Max Rox (lbs.) 113.36 140.04 27 lbs.
VO2 max  29.3 27.2 2.1 ml/kg/min


LeeAnna and Christina working out at Pinnacle's Covington wellness center in May 2017

Not your normal “gym”

The Jackson’s were impressed by the atmosphere of Pinnacle’s medical wellness center and appreciated the one-on-one interaction with the wellness coaches. “It’s not just a gym, it’s a wellness center. They pick up very quickly on who you are as a person, especially Scott. He can relate to people of all ages. I had an immediate connection with him, he got me,” says LeeAnna.

“I call them my own personal cheerleading squad! They’re all great at educating in their specialties (fitness, physical therapy, nutrition, and massage). They always went over my goals and revised them. Communication between each provider was great! Scott will tailor your workout,” exclaims Christina.

AFTER: LeeAnna & Christina, May 2017

Mother and daughter accountability

This mother/daughter duo is a testament of how to motivate each other and work together. “She’s a huge motivator. We really support each other from meal planning to tracking our exercise on a calendar to shopping for food together to going to the gym together,” says LeeAnna. We celebrate our accomplishments together, even when we reach our small goals. They celebrated together when LeeAnna’s blood pressure got to a lower level and when Christina reached her goal of doing a plan for 1 minute two months ahead of schedule. “Having your mother as an accountability partner is a huge blessing,” says Christina.

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