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“"When I had bone on bone pain, the therapy team encouraged me to move at my own pace and created a customized exercise program just for me. "....”

Margie Battisti Covington, WA Pinnacle PT Customer

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POP Testimonials

Valerie Brown's testimonial

“I was scheduled for a total knee replacement with a surgeon from a different facility, when my surgery was cancelled in the pre-op area, without any explanation as to why the surgery was cancelled by the other surgeon. I was very upset. I then consulted with Dr. Andrew Merritt at Proliance Orthopedic Associates the next week. When I met with Dr. Merritt in January, he was very straight forward with me about my weight. He explained to me that because of my weight, I was at greater risk of complications during surgery. This was something the previous surgeon did not explain to me. Although I was upset I wouldn’t be able to have my knee replaced right away, I was thankful for the information that Dr. Merritt gave to me.

Gretchen, my Physical Therapist recommended the “POP Program” to me, which is a pre-surgical optimization program to help with teaching and encouraging weight loss and health to get you better prepared for surgery. Having struggled with my weight, I had already tried several weight loss programs. So at first, I saw this as just one more thing that wouldn’t work. I started in the POP program the following week after meeting with Dr. Merritt.  Since starting the program, I have not missed a single week. We meet on Wednesdays for lectures, and also see the nutritionist every 2 weeks. Angela, who is the main person running the program is absolutely fantastic. She is so encouraging and helpful and offers the best advice. I go to the gym every single day and also have a personal trainer to help me with my goals at the gym. I did the 21 day cleanse as recommended by Angela, and I am very happy with my results. I drink nutritional shakes, which at first weren’t the greatest things, but after getting tips on ingredients to add to them, I have begun to really like them and they help suppress my appetite. This entire program is based around encouragement, and accountability. I really believe it is worth the money and effort.

I am now down 25lbs since starting the program in late January 2015. I feel good, and am very pleased with the results. I am now finally able to schedule my total knee replacement with Dr. Merritt. I plan on continuing the POP program up until my surgery, as well as continuing the physical and nutritional plan afterwards to keep bettering my health.

I would highly recommend this program. It has been such a great, positive experience.”



The POP program (Pre-Surgical Optimization Program) is made possible by the Joint Center, UW Medicine/Valley Medical, Pinnacle Medical Wellness and Proliance Orthopedic Associates. It is a 16 week extensive support program that teaches surgery patients life skills, such a food education and meal planning, exercise as medicine, lifestyle modification, goal-setting, and the psychology of eating.

To register, call 425-656-4006 or register online