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Wellness Ball Exercises

Fighting a sedentary lifestyle

Evidence shows that problems relating to modern day, sedentary lifestyles can also be linked to inactivity at work with desk-based jobs. People spend more than one third of their waking hours at work and tasks requiring moderate physical activity have dropped from 48% to 20% in last 50 years. A change in lifestyle, even at work, especially with regard to how and for how long people sit, brings about a reduction in the potential risks related to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

A healthy back

Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting fights sedentary lifestyles by turning the hours spent sitting from passive into active time with a positive impact on your well-being. Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting works by requiring involuntary micro-movements while sitting on the ball, or by using the ball to do targeted exercises, to improve posture and back and core muscular strength. Its patented design ensures a comfortable, stable and correct sitting position, for back pain prevention and a significant improvement in your mental and physical well-being.

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Try these wellness ball exercises:

Knee tuck - feet on ball

Push-up on ball

Hand to feet ball pass

Wall squat

Leg curl & alternating leg press

Download this wellness ball exercise poster
for more upper body, core and lower body exercises.

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