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ASTYM Systems

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What Is ASTYMTM (A'-stim)?

ASTYMTM is a name like XEROX® and describes how the treatment works: it causes "a-stimulation" of the body's natural healing process. The ASTYMTM system has many benefits, including allowing you to stay active throughout the treatment process, while enhancing your mobility, decreasing your pain, and allowing your body to regenerate and heal.

When you see an ASTYMTM treatment done, it looks simple, but looks can be deceiving. The ASTYMTM system can only be offered by certified ASTYMTM therapists who undergo intensive training because every stroke has a specific purpose with a great deal of training and knowledge necessary to determine the precise application.

See the ASTYMTM system for yourself.

What is the ASTYMTM Treatment like?

Your ASTYMTM certified therapist will run special instruments firmly along your skin in the direction of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. As the instrument moves along your skin, you will feel bumps. These bumps are the result of scar tissue build up or degenerative tendons. You may find the first couple of treatments to be uncomfortable, but as your body begins to heal, those bumps will diminish and the discomfort of the treatments will subside. It is also common to experience some mild bruising; this is evidence that the body is hard at work on the healing process.

Now it's time for you to get involved in your treatment! Your therapist will give you a stretching and strengthening program to help you guide your body through the healing process. By staying active and being an active participant in your therapy you will find that in as little as three to four weeks you're feeling better than before!


Our ASTYMTM therapists

The following physical therapists provide ASTYMTM treatment. Please contact Maple Valley or Enumclaw to setup an appointment today!

Matt Weston, MSPT - Maple Valley

Amanda McCallum, PT - Enumclaw