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Need a new workout? Try Kinesis® for Free on Saturdays

by Edgar Grepo


What is Kinesis®?

davinci-man-machine.jpgLeonardo DaVinci was the first to illustrate the dynamics of the human body: man as machine. Kinesis liberates the exercise regime from the gravitational constraints of the cable-and-pulley machine. Four panels of grips, cables and weight stacks allow for 360 degree, three-dimensional, resistance-based, multi-plane motion.

Pinnacle Medical Wellness has invested in TechnoGym fitness equipment and we have the Kinesis® Class and Kinesis® One in all of our fitness centers. Kinesis®™ makes movement free and enjoyable, easy and natural, and without restrictions. The Kinesis® machines are often used during physical therapy and are available anytime for fitness members.

Check out some sample exercises on our TechnoGym Kinesis® equipment. There are also instructional videos on the Kinesis® Class equipment to follow along to in our fitness centers. All of our exercise and wellness staff are also available to help answer any questions at any time. 

Benefits of Kinesis®

Kinesis Means Movement

This type of workout is movement education for your body and mind. This training is different from traditional exercise. Time in movement is the training goal, rather than reps. Movement training is FUN!

Full Gravity Technology

Kinesis movement training is unique because the workload travels with you through all planes and ranges of motion without compromise to resistance.

Burn More Calories in this Workout

You burn 30% more calories compared to traditional equipment training. You can achieve a higher work volume in a shorter period of time. Time spent on the modules is more productive because the movement is a total body demand.

Kinesis® Classes

Kinesis® Classes allow members to focus on their individual technique while enjoying the camaraderie and motivation of a class atmosphere. As individuals in the class follow the same exercises together on the same module, they will get to know each other and feel empowered by a shared and common purpose.

Try a Kinesis® class for free

Saturday Kinesis classes in Covington are free to anyone until June 30, 2015. Stop by the Pinnacle Covington fitness center or call 253-639-2266 for more information. Our Covington location offers many Kinesis® classes throughout the day.


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